David Wendl

Sad Robot :(

My senior thesis film, "Sad Robot :(" took me the better part of my junior and senior years at SVA to complete. It's about a robot who is sad, and a girl who . . . is not sad. I spent about a year designing the characters, environments, storyboards and visual style, and then spent most of senior year animating.

My film won the SVA Computer Art Outstanding Achievement Award, and got an honorable mention in the Metropolitan Film Festival of New York in the category of Student Animation, and an honorable mention in the Los Angeles Reel Film Festival, plus award for Best Sound Design.

house rose flying

Concept Art

Here are some paintings and sketches from the development of the film.

sketches rain forest balloons tree

Animation Test

And finally, a tender moment.


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David Wendl

Hi! I am a 3D Computer Artist based in New York City. I do 3D modeling and animation in Maya, and also rock the Photoshop. I'm interested in animation and storytelling of all kinds. In 2011 I graduated from the School of Visual Arts with a BFA in Computer Art. There, I produced a short film called Sad Robot :(, which you should watch right now. Since then I've been working in the VFX industry, while dabbling in personal projects on the side.

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